In 2016, over half of all reported abortions were performed in private clinics. However, clinics are no longer required to report abortion statistics, so it is very difficult to gain accurate information. In 2010, when clinics were still reporting, we know that they accounted for 37,065 abortions out of 64,641 abortions performed in Canada; hospitals accounted for the remaining 27,576 abortions.

Currently, statistics do not include any abortions performed in Quebec or abortions performed on women who reside outside Ontario but who have received an abortion in an Ontario clinic. The clinic data for British Columbia is also incomplete, and the voluntary nature of data distribution from clinics in general points to an inaccurately low figure. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), however, reports that the figures from hospitals (minus Quebec) “can be considered complete”.

A census done in 2012[1] showed that there were 94 abortion facilities across Canada, of which nearly half (48.9%) are located in Quebec.

The term “facility” is any service or group of services offering abortions, including hospitals, community health centres, clinics, and physician offices.

The graph below shows the number of facilities in the various provinces and territories, along with the percent of women they serve in each area.

Abortion facilities by region and rural areas within Canada, 2012 
RegionTotal Facilities, N (%)Canadian Females aged 15-44 yrs by regionRural facilities (Non-CMA) N (%)Females aged 15-44 yrs in the region not residing in a CMA with a facility, %
Canada94 (100.0)100.033(35.1)48.0
Atlantic provinces4 (4.3)6.31 (25.0)70.0
Quebec46 (48.9)22.317 (37.0)26.9
Ontario16 (17.0)39.20 (0.0)35.2
Prairies8 (8.5)18.70 (0.0)40.4
British Columbia16 (17.0)13.09 (56.3)30.7
Territories 4 (4.3)0.44 (100.0)100.0

In 2019, the Abortion Rights Coalition found that there were a total of 147 abortion facilities, 67 hospital and 80 clinic facilities in Canada.

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