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Hannah’s story

For anyone who is facing, or knows someone facing, an unplanned pregnancy, read the heartwarming story of a brave, young woman who chose adoption to give her child a chance at life. ” I love her so much it hurts, but there has not been one day that I regret placing her for adoption. “I was not ready to raise a child but I was not ready to end the life of one either.

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From abortion to adoption or parenting: Transforming hearts and minds

An interview with one remarkable woman who has helped countless families to both parent and adopt. Meet Kimberly, Executive Director of Destiny Adoption Services, and Regional Director of Safe Families Ottawa. Kimberly shares her experience and perspective as a professional and as an adoptive parent herself, on the process of adoption, foster parenting and her passion to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

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What about abortion in the case of rape?

The touching story from one woman who defies the stereotypes about ‘the 1%’. Conceived in rape, and placed for adoption, Carole found love and happiness in the arms of her remarkable adoptive family.

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The heartbreaking challenge to adopt children with medical special needs in Canada

Those hoping to adopt a child with medical special needs face surprising hurdles in Canada. For many, their best hope is for a pregnant woman who receives an unexpected diagnosis of medical special needs to consider a private adoption instead of abortion. But few such women will consider it.

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