Watch this amazing video about your baby’s journey throughout your pregnancy.

3 – 4 weeks (from conception)

You may have only just confirmed you are pregnant or missed your period, and already your baby has a tiny beating heart!

She (or he!) already has DNA determining their gender, hair colour, eye colour, personality and more!

Your baby’s brain is also forming. Tiny neurons and a nervous system will prompt your baby’s very first movements.

Your body has also begun preparing to help protect and grow that tiny life inside you. At this point, many women are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle and to take prenatal vitamins to help ensure their baby will be as healthy as possible.

6 weeks

Your baby has brain waves that can be detected.

All organs, muscles and nerves are beginning to function now.

Your baby has the beginning of fingers and toes and eyes!

You won’t feel it yet but your baby has already begun to move.

8 weeks

Your baby now has fingers and toes and the beginnings of tiny fingernails.

Your baby’s movements are increasing. She can bend her elbows, hips, knees and wrists.

Even though you can’t tell whether you are having a boy or girl, your baby is beginning to develop tiny testes or ovaries.

9-10 weeks

Your baby has reflexes! She will make a fist if you touch her palm or curl her toes if you touch her feet!

She has developed the finer details of her face with eyes, nose, mouth and ears (with earlobes!) and even a tongue, teeth buds and vocal cords!

11-12 weeks

Your baby has functioning kidneys producing urine.  Few people realize unborn babies can pee.

By end of week 12, you may be able to learn if your unborn baby is a boy or a girl.

16 weeks

Your baby is moving his or her eyes and limbs, and will flip around in your womb, but you may not feel them yet.

His ears are so well formed that he may even hear sounds.

20 weeks

You are over halfway through your pregnancy now, and you may be starting to feel your baby move!

Your baby has a sleep/wake cycle and may awaken with your noises. Your baby can hear you! 

Your baby now has fine hair that is visible and even has his/her own tiny fingerprints.

She also can suck her thumb and is behaving in many ways like a newborn.