Darby_blk_whtBeing pregnant at any age can be an overwhelming and scary experience. However, our fears should not change or give us a different view on the little miracle that is growing inside of us. Everyone has a purpose in this world and I believe that all babies enrich the world with their presence. I cannot imagine life without my son. The timing was not perfect, but the thought that he might have ended up in a hospital garbage container, is far more overwhelming than anything else I have had to face. I know whole heartedly that even if I was not able to parent him he would completely bless the family who could. As my doctor said, she has never met anyone in over twenty years, who has regretted having their baby, no matter how difficult their situation was. I know that my own life is better because I chose life. I have no regrets and for this I am thankful. ~ Darby

UPDATE 2021:

Darby is doing amazingly well. She is married and has a beautiful, growing family! Congratulations, Darby!