Adoption in Canada provides resources on adoption for women facing unplanned or unexpected pregnancies, but we are also here to offer compassion and support to those who have already placed their baby for adoption. We know that placing a baby for adoption is an incredibly painful choice.

If you were pressured or coerced into placing your baby for adoption, know that we are here for you too!

No one should ever be pressured, bullied, coerced or ‘guilted’ into placing their baby for adoption.

If you voluntarily placed your baby for adoption and are struggling with your decision, remind yourself again why you made that choice. We hope you find comfort in knowing you made that choice because you wanted to give your baby the best life possible. Good parents want that for their children. You should be proud of yourself! Your child has been given the chance to live, be safe and thrive because of you!

If your placement was recent, hormones and physical symptoms can be affecting you. If you did not receive professional counselling as part of your adoption process or you are struggling with your decision, we recommend you seek professional counselling now, beginning with your family physician.

Many women who have been properly counseled through the grieving process after adoption will come to a place not only of acceptance, but of real joy and happiness at the prospect of their child living with a couple who can properly provide the stability that her child deserves.

A woman writing to her counselor expressed the following: “I took out my photos and my video of her and spoke with her on the phone. But this year, instead of crying, I smiled. Not because I didn’t want to feel pain, but simply for the fact that there was really none left… I am simply, truly happy for the little girl in my life.”

Most CPCs, agencies and Ministries include post-adoption counselling if they are directly involved with the placement.

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Our goal is to create opportunities for Birth Parent Support groups across the country where they can safely and confidentially share their experiences with others who have been in similar situations to find comfort and healing.


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Your rights as a birthparent:

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