50 Years Later – A survey on abortion in Canada

After 50 Years, Canadians Remain Unconvinced about Unrestricted Abortion

Over fifty years ago the federal government legalized abortion in Canada, a controversial decision in 1969. Currently there are no legal restrictions on abortion at any time during a pregnancy. A 2019 poll by Public Square Research has found that despite 50 years of abortion advocacy, a majority of Canadians still have serious reservations about the radical policy.

  • Only 2% of Canadians support sex selection abortions (which are legal and usually target girl babies).
  • Only 8% of Canadians support late abortions after 6 months of pregnancy.
  • Only16% (less than 2 in 10 Canadians) said all abortions are acceptable, no matter what the reason, which is the current policy in Canada.
  • Only 20% find abortion acceptable after 3 months, whereas the status quo allows abortion throughout all nine months.
  • Only 11% find abortion acceptable if the baby interferes with the woman’s future plans, but this is often the justification for abortion.
  • Only 4% find abortion acceptable when a woman has already had previous abortions

The poll was conducted in the last week of April 2019.

Sadly, since the ominus day in 1969, over 3.5 million children have been aborted. Every attempt has been made by the media and all levels of government for the past half-century to justify and promote this tragedy as a pro-woman policy, yet the vast majority of Canadians, women and men, remain unconvinced. Most Canadians have grave reservations about when, why and how abortions are performed. Simply put, Canadians don’t celebrate abortion.

In fact, a May 2018 poll by the Angus Reid Institute found that women were more supportive than men on restricting abortions. Almost two-thirds (64%) of women supported some legal restrictions on abortion versus 56% of men. Overall, in that poll, 61% of those polled supported legal restrictions on abortion.

In the 50 years since abortion has been legalized, these stats have not changed. Not only is our public policy out of line with public opinion, Canada stands along-side only North Korea and China with our total absence of any legal framework surrounding this issue.  Even our politicians are too compromised in their desire for votes to stand up for women and girls and legislate in favour of making gender or sex-selection abortion illegal.

As Canadians become aware of our lack of abortion regulations, they are rightly disturbed. It’s time for politicians to stop viewing pre-born children as a political liability and instead lead our country in a national conversation about how to protect fetal rights while at the same time providing adequate support to women through pro-family policies.

The 2019 poll was conducted by Public Square Research, using on-line sources from the Maru Voice Panel. There were 1515 respondents.